I am a clinical psychologist ans psychotherapist with a 15 year experience in individual and group psychotherapy in Psychiatry Clinic and private practice with a wide array of clients. I have taught mindfulness and self-compassion skills to people with or without psychiatric disorders. I also have assisted people in self-development processes and relationships, preventing burnout, and helping them to change thinking and behavioural patterns that stand one the way to happiness and success. In addition, I have worked in University of Tartu as an associate professor, training medical students in psychology, and conducting research in the psychobiology of impulsive behaviour and mindfulness.  

I have an international license in Schema Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Experiential and body psychotherapy methods are strongly integrated into my work. I also use and teach relational mindfulness and self-compassion skills. I see mindfulness as a basic skill and state of mind that is necessary in the process of healing, change and self-development, regardless of the school of psychotherapy.  

Address: Meetings take place in Tartu, Vaksali 6-1 (in the right side of the railway station building). Therapy and consultation is also offered in Zoom or Skype. 

Fees: (from 01.01.2022):

Individual psychotherapy (60-75 min) - 60 EUR.                

Individual psychotherapy (75-90 min) - 75 EUR.

On the first meeting, we can discuss the process and aims of therapy in addition to duration and frequency of sessions. The necessary duration of the session will be clear after a couple of sessions

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